Monday, April 28, 2008

Selfless, Cold & Composed

Well, Ben Folds was in town last Friday 25th and I was lucky enough to go see him for FREE. That's right! It was really cool. He performed for almost 2 hours and played all of his hits. He brought so much energy to his show it was electric. I found out that he was sick earlier in the day and spent the entire time in his hotel resting, so it was impressive. I arrived just after 8pm when he was scheduled to perform at 8:30pm. He had just started playing and sounded great. I got my all access pass from my friend and he pointed me through the curtains to go watch the show. In the dim light I pulled back to curtains to be totally shocked that I was entering stage right and about 20 feet from the band! I was kicking myself that I didn't bring my camera and had to use my stupid cell phone just for my blog. It was really cool being so close. When they got finished playing their final encore, I darted back stage where they would be leaving and got to be first one to tell them all they had a kick ass show as they made they made their way to the dressing rooms. They were all nice guys and gave a very entertaining show. Here is the play list from the show.
1. Errant Dog
2. Gone
3. Bastard
4. Free Coffee
5. All you can eat
6. Annie Waits
7. Hiroshima
8. Landed
9. Lullabye
10. Battle of who could care less
11. Zak and Sara
12. Bitches aint Shit (word has it that he was asked by GU not to play this song but he did and the crowd loved it)
13. Losing Lisa
14. Theme from Dr. Physer (the entire instrumental)
15. Brick
16. Ben left stage and on his way out asked Sam & Jarred to play the theme from “Barney Miller” but instead they
played some instrumental with “The guy who invented time” playing Ben’s Piano. Ben came back and joined
them ½ way through on his red Nord synth. He also took some pictures to document this jam session.
(I guess this was Ben’s bathroom break?)
17. Narcolepsy
18. Army
19. Kate
20. Rockin’ the Suburbs
21. Underground
22. Not the Same
--------------Left stage then came back for the following tune------------------------------
23. Effington
24. One angry Dwarf and 200 Solemn Faces