Saturday, April 25, 2009

HUGE Spokane Comicon update!

Wow, where do I begin. I have so much to report to you all, it's scary. Let's get it on.

First off, I jumped the gun today. I had stated on the website that I would make the program of events public on May 1st. With the drive in movie that I am sponsoring on Thursday 30th, midnight screening of Wolverine and work on the 1st and Free comic book day on Saturday I knew I might have the time to get the website update, so I did it today!
The program of events is up and about 99.9% complete. There are some really cool panels planned from Battlestar G, Web comics, Short Indie film screening and much more! Go to our site to read it all.

The guest list got a couple new additons today too. First off I am really excited to announce that writer Eric Trautmann will be coming over the mountains to join us. Eric is really hot right now and I am glad he can make the time. You can read Eric's full bio here.
In addition we are happy to have John Aegard from The Comfort Guide. The Comfort Guide adapts Airline safety techniques to relevant subject areas. The Comfort Guide and artist Steve Lieber did a very funny guide in the back of this years Emerald City Comic con program. Check out more of these cool guides on thier site.

A brand new category was added to the web page titled "Con Exclusives" In it we've got a brand new exclusive that was just emailed to me today. Daniel M. Davis of Steam Crow who will be coming all the way from PHX Arizona and he created a limited print titled Monroe Street Trouble - 12x18 print. Limited to 40 prints. Printed on 50 yr archival photo film. Signed and numbered by the artist Daniel M. Davis at the Steam Crow table. $20 each. You can view more of his work at

Finally, I added another great $1 raffle prize. From the insanely popular DC Comics series we have a copy of Green Lantern #25 1st Print signed by artist Ethan Van Sciver. I am jelous of whoever wins this.

We only have 33 days left until show time. For those of you who are thinking about getting a table or not consider this. I only have 4 tables left until we are sold out. The price break for a table expires April 30th. After that price for a table goes up $10 if there are any left.

Believe it or not I still have more news to report, but I will save that for another update.
Keep checking out website for more updates. The countdown is on!

Nathan O'Brien
Spokane Comicon Founder & Coordinator

Sunday, April 12, 2009

Spokane Comicon Update

Hello and a very happy spring to you all. Now that we are less than 48 days until the third annual Spokane Comicon I thought it was time I sent out another update.

First off planning for the show is coming along very nicely. A huge shout out to everyone on the con committee for their support. As my show has grown it's nice that I have people who are just as excited as I am to bring it to life.

My email has been blowing up all week with many table questions and requests. I sold a personal best 5 tables on Friday alone. As we stand today we have 38/48 tables filled. That being said I have had other inquires about space from dealers and artists but they have not gotten back to me about what they have decided. If all of those people can get back to me (you know who you are) with in the next week there is a strong chance that we could be sold out of tables for the first time in the show's history! Here are some key dates if you are still on the fence.

Prepay prior to April 30th, 2009.
Vendor fee is $60 for one 6' table.
Artist Alley fee is $40 for one 6' table.
Additional table fee is $20.

Payment after April 30th, 2009.
Vendor fee is $70 for one 6' table.
Artist Alley fee is $50 for one 6' table.
Additional table fee is $20.

If you haven't been to our website lately then you've missed some recent updates. One update is our ad in Wizard #211 is out. It can be seen in the "Shows and Cons" section. Another update is we've released a few of the $1 raffle prizes with more to come. Three of the items made public is a rare Watchmen mini poster from Osaka Japan, Batman #442 lithograph signed by George Perez and Marv Wolfman and just announced Infinite Crisis #1 signed by Jim Lee and George Perez! Any of these valuable prizes can be yours for just one dollar!!

Spokane Comicon is proud to have Brain Randolph at our next show representing the Hero Initiative. Please make it a point to check out his table. He'll have some really cool items for sale as well as his own raffle for something I am sure to be awesome. All the proceeds go toward supporting those in the comic industry in need. For information about the Hero Inititive please visit their site.

A guest note is that local artist Gabe Strine will not be able to join us all day as planned. Instead Gabe is still planning on stopping by to take part in a special Web Comics Panel. More details about that and other programming coming very soon!

Finally, Spokane Comicon will be sponsoring the drive-in movie of Twilight at Spokane Falls Community College on Thursday April 30th at dusk. Come by and check out the movie if you are a fan or want to see if for the first time. It'll be a lot of fun.

Please keep checking back on our site for more updates. As we continue to get closer to show time I have lots more updates to announce, including panels, program of events, con exclusives, gift bags, and more! Until next time fans.