Thursday, August 12, 2010

What's New?!

What's up with NO! well plenty of stuff thank you very much. I've been keeping busy this summer for sure on all fronts. After a great trip to SDCC I am inspired by some artists to keep doing my thing and creating new pieces. I had a blast seeing some friends and talking art and comics.

***The big news from SDCC (for me) was writer and creator (and pal) John Layman will be putting in more of my fan art in CHEW #16. This time it's a one page (type of epilogue) written by John Layman, pencils by NO! and inks by Levi Skeen [link] ***

My Etsy shop [link] has really been keeping my busy too. I've been selling a decent amount of prints and starting to get some commissions too. Please take a look...makes a great gift hint, hint.

I've been writing a lot for my web comic Weaselman [link] plotting out what's next to come. I've got some fun ideas for the next few chapters and it will all lead into a big blockbuster in the 24 comic challenge on October 2nd. [link]

Somewhere in between all that I find time for my family, and my full time job. I also have to start thinking about getting ready for Jet City Comic book show on September 25th in Seattle. It's a new one day show put on by the same people as Emerald City CC, so I am looking forward to that. I will have a table in the artist alley AA30 so plan on coming!

Thanks for everyone's support and I'll post more updates as they happen.