Saturday, February 13, 2010

Spokane Comicon 2010 Update #3

Hello fans, it's only been two weeks since our last update and a lot has happened! Our guest list continues to grow.
Here is the current list of scheduled guests:

John Layman *new
Andy Owens *new
Jason Gorder *new
Daniel M Davis *new
Dustin Weaver
Eric Trautmann
Brandon Jerwa
Matthew Southworth
Charlie Schmidt
Mark Rahner
Lars Brown

Here are some more details about our new guests.

Special Guest of Honor John Layman (appearance courtesy of Sasquad Comic Book Club). Once an editor for Wildstorm, a branch of DC Comics, Layman turned to writing comics full-time in 2002 and mainly writes for Marvel Comics. He has also worked on several comic books based on pre-existing licenses such as Xena: Warrior Princess, ThunderCats, as well as crossovers like Marvel Zombies vs. The Army of Darkness and Army of Darkness/Xena: Why Not?. Layman has written a number of creator-owned titles at Image Comics, like the graphic novel called Puffed and Chew with artist Rob Guillory.

You can view John's full list of work here Still don't know what Chew is about? Then check out the blog and get caught up here

Andy Owens is a professional comic book inker that lives right here in good ol' Spokane, WA. We are happy to have Andy return as a guest for his second time since 2008. Andy is currently the long time inker of Joss Whedon's Buff the Vampire Slayer Season 7 for Dark Horse comics and DC Comics The Great 10.

Check out Andy's full credits here

So, Andy Owens comes to me and says in his best George Clooney in Ocean's 12 voice "You think we need one more?" (long pause by me) "Ok, we'll get one more" .
Jason Gorder is that one more. Jason is another talented Spokane artist in the comic book industry. Jason's work includes a long run with Aspen and Top Cow Comics.
Check out his impressive list of work here

Daniel M Davis of Monster Commute says "Monster abduction is real."

Mr. Davis has been abducted by monsters on 318 occasions throughout his life, beginning in the pine trees of the Spokane's North Side. While he has managed to escape every instance physically unscathed, he has been deeply touched by these encounters with odd creatures "from the other side." Everything that he creates reflects these traumatic experiences; Mr. Davis cannot stop drawing monsters or telling their tales.

An amateur Monsterologist, Mr. Davis is also the proprietor of Steam Crow, a Phoenix, Arizona based organization dedicated to creating stories, artwork and products with a monster imagination. To date, Mr. Davis has illustrated, written and published 4 books about mythical beasties, all crafted in his vintage style. His most recent release, Monster Commute Book 1, is a compilation of comics from his webcomic.

Mr. Davis is also passionate about the possibilities that the internet creates for entrepreneurial artists. He is also the founder of Tiny Army, a Phoenix-based illustration group dedicated to bringing together local illustrators to share strategies for success. It has been said that he is rather fond of armored hats.

Dealer/Artist tables:
Emails have been coming in fast and furious about tables. Thank you to those of you that I've spoken to recently since our last update. Let me tell you that we are on pace to sell out of tables again this year and maybe very soon. The first to fill up will be the the artist alley tables. Currently I only have 3 left so don't hesitate if you want to participate. Reminder that the dealer application is currently available to download off of our site. Please contact me if you need support.

Gift Bags
For those of you that don't know, we like to give things away during our show! One thing we give away (which has grown in popularity) is the gift bags. Last year we gave away 100 free gift bags full of goodies to the first 100 paying attendees and we plan on doing so again this year. Plans are underway in making sure that this years gift bags are going to be really full of amazing prizes. In addition to the 100 bags at 10am we plan on giving away an additional 50 bags (maybe more) later in the day at 2pm for those of you that can't make it out at 10am! More details coming soon.

Raffle Prizes

This first $1 raffle prize (from my personal collection) is a Marvel Comics "Civil War" preview card signed by the late great Michael Turner! Michael Turner did the variant covers for the series and this rare prize could be yours for only $1!! There is picture of it up on our site in the new tab for "Raffle Prizes"

Keep checking back for more raffle prize updates.

Emerald City Comicon 2010
Huh? What the...?! Isn't this an update for Spokane Comicon? Don't worry we haven't been bought out by the man. Yours truly will be at Emerald City Comicon all weekend along with some of Spokane's finest artists. I will be sitting with the Sketch Crew (artists Levi Skeen, Ben Hansen, Tony Dela Cruz, and Harrison Wood) in the artist alley tables A-18/19/20.

We also have the pleasure of sitting along side The Spokane Comicsmiths Guild A-16/17.
We will be doing sketches, selling prints and helping plug the 4th Annual Spokane Comicon. If you are in Seattle stop by and say hi and I will have some freebies while supplies last.

As we keep getting closer to showtime keep checking our web page and our facebook fan page for direct updates.


Nathan O'Brien
Spokane Comicon Founder & Coordinator

4th Annual Spokane Comicon
Next show: Saturday May 22, 2010

Location: Spokane Community College Bld 6 Lair
Time: 10:00am-5:00pm