Monday, February 18, 2008

Hes leaping buildings in a single bound, Im reading shakespeare at my place downtown

Finally, let me say it again, Finally there was some creativity at this weekends NBA Slam Dunk Contest. Thank you Dwight Howard for making it fun and rememberable. Dwight "Superman" Howard had 4 original dunks to take home the title. It was truly amazing to watch, even if you didn't know King James from Rudy Gay it was a site to be hold. Obviously, the best dunk (actually wasn't even a dunk) was when Howard took off his jersey to reveal a Superman shirt and then put on a Superman Cape, got a running start, caught a bounce pass off the floor and jumped so high it looked like he was flying. In fact he was so high he threw the ball in the hoop! The pictures are sick and the video hi-light will be seen for years to come.