Saturday, August 23, 2008

Mother F'in criminals!

I had a great day yesterday. I had to go home to Seattle for the day for work. I flew out at 6am got a rental car at SEATAC and went to visit the Starbucks Corp office in the SODO area. The meeting went great and I was home by 7pm. As our plane was taxi-ing to the terminal I turned on my cell phone to call Rachel that she should leave and come get me. We only live 15 minutes away from the airport so that's normal. She asked me really bazaar question. "What did you take with you this morning?"

"Umm, my bag. The bagel and cream cheese you made for me" I said.

"Did you take any other electronics?" she asked.

"i took my ipod and a power bar..."

she tells me "please say you took the laptop"

"No, why would I take the laptop when I was only gone for the day?"

"Because it's gone, and the tv is sticking sideways out of our Armoire."

Rachel and Lanna could tell that something wasn't right when they came home. When they walked in they froze at the door and Lanna said "mommy it feels weird in here" Despite the house not really being clean it looked worse than before. In fact it "looked like we had an earthquake" because the entire house was upside down. Rachel and Lanna did the right thing by immediately leaving the house and going outside to call me.

We were robbed at some point during the day which is pretty ballsy. Someone stole my Xbox 360, our Gateway laptop, our brand new DVD camcorder and our Sony Cybershot digital camera.

Now it makes sense that they only took what they could carry, because they dumped out Rachel's gym bag and used that to load up our stuff and it might have been only one person. Another reason why I say that is that they left other things that were valuable like our new flat screen HDtv and Rachel's Cannon Rebel digital camera that was all sitting by the other items they stole. From what I could tell they entered through a window that is about waste high by our back door. The window lock was already broken since we moved in, and it was the only window that didn't have a screen on it. I could even see hand and finger prints on the outside of the window. All of our desk, dresser, cabinet, closet doors big and small were left open and all of our belongings including cloths where thrown everywhere.

We called the police who came over, looked at our house, the window and wrote down all of the items that where taken for the report. The officer then called for another officer to come over and he dusted for prints on the back window, including a couple items that I could tell where ripped open. He said that he got some good prints and would take them back to cross check them with anyone else on record. After much searching we were able to find serial numbers for both my Xbox and our Gateway computer. We called those in to be added to the police report.

We also called the biggest Pawn store chain in town Pawn 1 to inform them. They told us that it's their policy that any major electronics like an Xbox or computer's serial numbers must be reported to the police for them to check first before they can sell it. Now really all we can do is wait and hope that something happens in our favor. I am trying to be as optimistic as possible, but it's hard to be. The feeling of someone being in our house is frickin creepy as hell. The only reason I am online right now is because we all got up and came into my office to check our email and try to tie up an loose ends. I'll post any updates when they are available. Another crappy thing is that I am on vacation next week at home, and now I don't have my two favorite things to do on my time off. Play games and surf the net. Poop.

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Modest Mousketeer said...

I am so stinking sorry! I can't believe this happened to you guys! Those f-ers are total losers. Hang in there, it is entirely possible you'll get some of that stuff back.