Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Dunk Contest That Wasn't

I love basketball. I always look forward to the NBA's All-Star Weekend and watching the different skills challenges on Saturday before the game on Sunday. The Dunk Contest is the crown jewel of Saturday night. Last year was electric when a big man Dwight Howard won doing his best "Superman" dunk. This year former UW star and current NY Knicks guard Nate Robinson was in the contest...again. I thought it was a rule that you could only compete twice. This is Robinson's third time. I enjoyed watching him the other times because he's 5'nothing and can leap out of the gym. This time is felt too staged. A mouse vs an elephant, David vs Goliath, Superman vs Lex Luther. Yep, that's what they billed it as. Dwight Howard even went into a phone booth to don the cape again for a ho-hum dunk on a 12' hoop (regulation hoop is 10'). Still it was too easy. So Nate Robinson came out in an all green jersey and ball as his sort of kryptonite. Two of his dunks I have a huge problem with. One Nate jumped off a teammates back. I know they can use props, but using another person as leverage? What's the difference between that and a trampoline? The the final dunk was over Dwight "Superman" Howard himself. Dwight was a good sport, but Nate cheated again. Nate pushed off on Dwight's shoulder to give him the leverage to clear his head. Sorry, ehh, fault. His dunks where stale. We've seen this the last two times. Same old Nate, except this time he was hot doggin it after every dunk. That's the Nate Robinson that UW fans remember. Immature, and overly cocky. No body wanted to see him dance, let alone several times. Still, I can't wait until next year. As of now this generations MJ, Lebron James as declared that he will compete in the next Slam Dunk contest. Watch his final dunk on this clip here.

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