Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Spokane Comicon Update

Hello fans, we are only 17 days away until show time. With a few days left everything is coming along smoothly. Special thanks to all of the students from both SFCC and SCC who have been a part of our comic con committee meetings from the start. Their enthusiasm and ideas have been refreshing. Here are some updates from the front line.

First off we are sold out of tables! This is a first for our show in only our third year.There are both new and returning artists and dealers to our show. Make sure you plan on spending some time here as we have over 50 tables to check out!!

This year we doubled our free gift bags for the first 100 paid attendees. These gift bags will come loaded with lots of goodies from DC Comics and Dark Horse Comics to name a few. This year's exclusive item is an unmounted 35mm film cells from the Warner Bros movie Watchmen. Each film cell strip is from a key scene in the movie. You can view some scene examples on our web page by clicking on our Gift Bag tab.

I am really excited to announce some additions to our program of events. First off our Special Guest of Honor: Art Thibert will be joining Neal Bailey at noon for the Superman Panel. Art is the current inker/finisher on DC comics weekly title "Trinity" featuring Superman, Batman and Wonder Woman. Neal is a writer from Supermanhomepage.com and Smallville the magazine. Come for some answers, stay for the stories.

Another addition to the program of events are the Barony of Wealdsmere. They will be outside of the Student Union Building 17 (SUB) all day. At 12pm they will be holding a full combat tournament for your viewing pleasure. Then at 3pm they will be going at it 3 on 3 style.

Finally, all three exclusive prints are now posted on our site to be viewed. These prints where created just for this years show. The three prints are done by artists Daniel M. Davis, Ben Hansen and Levi Skeen. These prints won't last long so plan on getting there early and picking one up. All three artists will be there selling the prints and signing them at their respected tables. Please visit our website and click on the Con Exclusive tab for futher details.

Keep checking our site for updates as we still have more announcments planned including details about our gaming tournament.

Nathan O'Brien
Spokane Comicon Founder & Coordinator

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